Broke In Bridge City is due to be released on February 5th, 2021.  The album is a collection of songs written by John-Paul "Jp" Jones.  All songs contain a fresh look on life in Southeastern Iowa as told in story form from the perspective of a Black American.

Track Listing:

    1.  Blue Ruin (Right Now) *

    2. Broke In Bridge City

    3. Ballad of The Nine

    4. Better Be Yourself

    5. Blood Sugar Blues

    6. Youth is Wasted On The Young


    Lyrics & Composition: John-Paul "Jp" Jones

    Producer: John-Paul "Jp" Jones

    Mix Engineer: Aggela Mourgella **

    Tracking Engineer: John-Paul "Jp Jones

    Arranger: John-Paul "Jp" Jones

    Drums: Chris Barber **

    Guitars, Bass, Vocals: John-Paul "Jp" Jones

    *Additional Lyrics: Paul Hanson & John-Paul Jp" Jones

    Label: Eugene's Trick Bag Records, LLC

    Distributor: Blue Nexus Music 

    Studio: CopperTop Studio Hut

   Management: H&J Entertainment, LLC




** independent consultants