Story Behind the Song

I come from a very special and unique ancestry.  My ancestor Curry Oscar "Bunk" Reed who was my Great-Grandmother's Grandfather was a slave in Kentucky who was shipped to Mercer Missouri with his brother never to see his mother or father again.  He and his brother escaped from that owner and walked to Eddyville Iowa around 1862 when the civil war broke out, Curry was too young to enlist so they worked odd jobs and survived.  He and his brother samuel enlsted in the 165th Colored Regiment out of Keokuk Iowa.   They walked all the way back south and fought in battles all through the south.  After the war he settled in Centerville Appanoose County Iowa (an Iowegian) and his brother in Keosauqua Van Buren County Iowa.   needless to say they started families,  which brings me to my Great Grandmother, she and her husband Oscar Jones Sr.  Had 9 children.  My Grandfather was one of those nine children  In my family the descendants of the 9 children have gathered together for 60 years at a family reunion.  It is a big ordeal and we are very proud of our heritage.

This song is inspired by the true events of my Grandmother and Grandfathers life.  Robert & Marjorie Jones,  my family has broken new ground in so many ways.  My Grandmother was the Mayday queen, which is saying something in a southern Iowa town during segregation times, my grandmother's mother was white, her father was black, and they were married in Mystic Iowa.  She was beautiful.  My Grandfather was a coal miner and worked other jobs.  My Grandmother became the first Certified Black X-Ray Technician in the state of Iowa and I am very proud of the firsts that she did.  She died of breast cancer before I was born and when my dad was very young, however, the stories about her and my grandfather were passed down not only by my father, but my aunts, uncles and my great aunts and uncles.

I can see the "firsts' that my family has done,  my father and his brothers helped to change the tide before de-segregation in the USA to get small town Centerville Iowa to desegregate their movie theater and pools and it happened.   I see myself when I became maybe the first if not the only licensed black master electrician in the state of Iowa and then moving on to become the only Black Professor of Electrical & Renewable Energy Technology in the state of Iowa.

This song is inspired by ancestry and legacy, and I see it now in my son's one as a field engineer and the other working his way through a robotics career.  This song is my tribute to that legacy and how proud and grateful I am too the foundation, not only started by Bunk Reed, but also more importantly the legacy of hard work and determination by my Great-Grandparents and my Grandparents passed down through my dad.

This is song is my thank you to them.

Ballad of The Nine

Lyrics - John-Paul "Jp" Jones

Composition - John-Paul "Jp" Jones 

Copyright (c) 2018 - John-Paul "Jp" Jones (sr) 2020 - Eugene's Trick Bag Records

He was born in Mystic City Bout Nineteen One Nine

He was born in Mystic City Bout Nineteen One Nine

Robert’s parents wouldn’t know it He’d be the fourth of the nine

The year she came to town it was 1931 yes she came into town  about 1931  
and when Robert saw her walkin He said she is the one

Pretty Soon they’d be married At the church on Ward 3
Pretty Soon they’d be married At the church on Ward 3
With their six healthy children How happy they would be

Well they Raised their family Down on Washington Street
Well they raised their little familyDown on Washington Street
Mama Worked in the Hospital Papa worked on the line

Well life passes on time after time Yeah life goes on time after time
But yet Marjorie and Bob live on though these children of mine
Cause they still live on In These Children of Mine

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