Story Behind The Song:  I wrote this song  around 1994 when my brother had passed away.  Another victim of violence, but it was also inspired by events that I heard about when a student at a local high school walked into the school and killed another student.  I is inspired by the phrase "youth is wasted on the young" and I really felt it relevant today.  I see so much hate and violence in the world.  But also I have had the advantage of experience and I truly do understand it.   I have loved and been deceived and I have lost friends and family to violence.  Many times through crimes of a passion (over a girl or boy).  This seems to be part of my experience but I also have had immense joy in my life, and like the birth of my children, and meeting of my wife.  Its pretty amazing how a song written out of tragedy can have some of its meaning become relevant later in life and actually adapt to your current life.   However, this song is really my observation of several different relationships some of persons I knew personally and some where I just read or watched about their story.   I hope it inspires some young people to value their youth and to make choices to keep their freedom and move into adulthood in a safe manner.

Youth Is Wasted On The Young
Lyrics - John-Paul "Jp" Jones
Composition - John-Paul "Jp" Jones
Copyright (c) 1994 - John-Paul "Jp" Jones
Copyright (sr) 2020 - Eugene's Trick Bag Records

It was yesterday Somebody told me
Youth is wasted On the young
Just last week was when it happened
A little boy Killed his friend with a gun
He was so angry She was so lonely
Why'd they both have to Go that way
You and I will never know the answer
I pray to God they will change their ways
I remember when I saw you girl
Your kindness Just blew my mind
With one look You brought us together
But its so hard For true love to find.
She was so angry I was so lonely
But our love drove the pain away
You and I will never know the answer
and I guess that its not my day
With one look With One touch Girl
You Showed me Just How Much
That We both Belong together
And our Love Will Never Fade Away
She was so lovely I was so lonely
But our love drove the pain away
You and I will never know the answer
now I can See the Light of Day