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Band Members

Core Line-Up For 2018

Band Leader has been an active professional musician since 1988 this year marks his 30th year as a professional guitarist Jp first founded the John-Paul Jones Group in 1998 and this marks the 20th anniversary of the band.

Bassist has been active professional musician since 1998 this year marks her 20th year a  professional bass player. Sally has been with the group since 2011 and is a vital member of the group and is currently in the studio recording the summer series releases and playing select dates this summer.

Drummer has been a professional musician since 1990 and has signed on to play drums for the 2018 season.
Steve is currently recording music with the John-Paul Jones Group for the upcoming tribute series releases and will be playing select dates this summer.

Jesse started out as sound technician for the group, but also plays bass guitar for our traveling dates.

 He and Sally share bass duties in the John-Paul Jones Group

The John-Paul Jones Group is a member of a American Federation of Musicians and thus has access to multiple professional musicians who play various instruments as required by the event or recording session.